Campsite Mombacho Prices

Please find below a brief overview of the various prices for most Of the activities. This gives you a good impression up front before You make your trip to Nicaragua. Please be aware that these are the Current prices as of May 2014:

Price list

Unit 1 US$55.00
Unit 2 US$35.00
Unit 3 US$30.00
Tents US$10.00/US$20.00
Motor Homes US$35.00/US$45.00
Nature Reserve Entrance US$3.00 p.p.
Transport to Top US$2.50 p.p.
Canopy US$28.00 p.p.
Mountain Bike Rental US$5.00 p.p.
Airport Pickup US$50 (2 pers)
US $ 10 p.p. add.